Is Rhinoplasty Right for You?

The decision whether to have rhinoplasty is a deeply personal one. Though it can be beneficial to discuss your concerns with friends or family, only you can make that important decision. For many patients the improved confidence and self esteem after successful rhinoplasty can be truly life-changing. So what are some indications that you would be a good rhinoplasty candidate?

Problem Focused

A good candidate for rhinoplasty is someone who can pinpoint exactly what it is they don't like about their nose. If you can't describe what it is that's bothering you about your nose then it will be difficult for you to be satisfied with any result you would get from surgery. Also, being able to describe your concerns shows your surgeon that you've thought about your nose and are serious about wanting to improve it. For example, you may be bothered by the overall size of your nose, a bump on your bridge or nose crookedness. This isn't to say that you must have a very drastic, obvious problem in order to be a good surgery candidate. Dr. Lamperti has found that finesse rhinoplasty, one in which relatively small tweaks are made to the nose, to be equally satisfying to his patients compared to surgery in which larger changes are made. What is most important is how much the nasal concern bothers you.

How Long Have You Been Considering Rhinoplasty?

An ideal candidate for rhinoplasty surgery has been thinking about making changes to their nose for some time. Most people who have cosmetic rhinoplasty have been considering surgery for a few years. The important point is that the decision to have rhinoplasty shouldn't be done on the spur of the moment.

Right Age for Rhinoplasty

Another factor is patient age. Most rhinoplasty surgeons wait until a patient's face has done most of its growing before proceeding with surgery. This varies between girls and boys but usually ranges between 15 to 18 years of age. Equally important is the emotional maturity of the patient. This can be best assessed based on the interaction during a face-to-face consultation. There is no strict age at which it is too late to have rhinoplasty surgery, though certain significant medical conditions may preclude having surgery.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations?

You must have realistic expectations regarding nasal surgery. Be open and honest with your surgeon about what you’re hoping to achieve with your rhinoplasty. No rhinoplasty surgeon can guarantee perfection when it comes to your rhinoplasty results. Even in the best of hands it must be kept in mind that there can be limitations to the level of improvement that surgery can achieve based on your anatomy, skin thickness, cartilage strength, and tendency to scar. Experienced surgeons should be able to give you a reasonable idea of what level of improvement is possible. This is where Dr. Lamperti finds that computer morphing during the consultation process is very useful as it allows him to outline what can be realistically achieved with surgery.

Have You Considered The Risks of Surgery?

Nasal surgery in general is exceedingly safe and serious complications are quite rare. Even so, it must be kept in mind that rhinoplasty is a medical procedure and does have some risk of complications. It is important to weigh these risks against the potential benefits of surgery. Learn more about rhinoplasty risks here.