Patient Reviews

I feel great about myself and how I look, and I'm able to breathe through my nose again! read more
- MM, Bellingham, WA

Luckily I found this amazing doctor who knows what he is doing and is very easygoing and competent. read more
- AL, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

My nose looks AMAZING! I couldn't believe how natural it looks today. read more
- AA, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I am really thrilled of both septo and Rhino outcomes of the surgery. read more
- AT, Virginia

I would like to start a Dr. Lamperti fan Club. Not only did he fix my broken nose magnificently, he reduced my snoring considerably. read more
- EM, Seattle, WA

Dr. Lamperti literally restored my life. Now my nose finally looks naturl and has character. I cannot thank him enough. read more
- RR, Los Angeles, CA

After my first surgery, I was self-conscious about my nose and didn't even like to smile. But I have been smiling all day and so happy with the results! read more
- BB, Seattle, WA

I would just like you to know that I am very happy for my surgery. It is exactly what I wanted. I am glad I made the decision. read more
- AS, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I've had some experience with plastic surgeons and you are truly an exceptional surgeon as well as a kind and honorable person, which makes you something of a unicorn in this field. read more
- A.A., Bellevue, WA

Thank you and appreciate your work! Both combined have contributed to the look I was seeking for my entire adult life: awesome! read more
- DD, Seattle, WA

I'm very pleased with my profile now and can see the improvement from the fat grafting. read more
- TT, Bothell, WA

I am healing really well as expected and look much much better....Thanks for your support and guidance. read more
- PP, San Francisco, California

My nose is looking great. I've gotten such positive feedback from the people I've shared it with, and I couldn't be more pleased. read more
- AS, Vancouver, British Columbia

Dr. Lamperti is very passionate about his work and spent a lot of time answering my questions and educating me. read more
- JM, Seattle, WA

I saw some of the results of revision rhinoplasty by him and I liked what I saw....I felt confident going under the knife by Dr. Lamperti. read more
- P.S., San Francisco, CA

I love the results, and what made the whole procedure easier was Dr. Lamperti's professionalism, friendliness and listening to my specific concerns. read more
- FG, Seattle, WA

The end results are fantastic! Dr. Lamperti addressed all the concerns I had, and my nose looks and feels much better. read more
- AA, Seattle, WA

I went from a bumpy lumpy nose due to 5 skin cancer surgeries to a nice smooth nose thanks to the skills of Dr. Thomas Lamperti. read more
- TJ, Edmonds, WA

Dr. Lamperti gave me the beautiful, natural look I've always wanted....I am so happy with my results read more
- JA, Tacoma, WA

I continue to LOVE my nose and eyes.... I am really glad I had it done because I truly do look "younger." read more
- RD, Spokane, WA

My life is so much better now that I can breathe and smell again! read more
- CP, Bothell, WA

I can't begin to tell you how much your nasal surgery has improved my self confidence. read more
- AB, Bothell, WA

I want to thank you so very much for giving me confidence about the way I look now read more
- CC, Washington D.C.

You did such an awesome job fixing my nose and my chin. My face is in such better balance now -- it's amazing. read more
- TB, Anchorage, AK

You are a very good and caring doctor and there really needs to be more like you. I really appreciate everything you have done. read more
- DA, Bainbridge, WA

I can't thank you enough for everything....I'm so pleased with the results. read more
- BD, Eagle River, AK

Thanks for your excellent work with my nose job. It is just what I wanted -- it still looks like me but now the round tip is gone. You did such a great job... read more
- RF, Kirkland, WA

My experience with Dr.Lamperti as my surgeon for Rhinoplasty, Deviated Septum Correction, and Italian Lip Lift procedures has been positive far beyond my initial expectations. read more
- LE, Seattle, WA

Thank you for making my new nose out of this world. I'm so happy with my brand new look! read more
- SK, Las Vegas, Nevada

At my recent High School reunion someone told me that I had a perfect nose thanks to my revision rhinoplasty with you. read more
- PM, Anchorage, AK

Thank you, a thousand million times for all you have done for me....From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are the greatest! read more
- LO, Seattle, WA

I love my nose!! It has given me so much self-confidence! read more
- TB, Anchorage, AK

You clearly have honed considerable skill, knowledge and artistry, and take much pride in your work....I'm just so very grateful to have benefited from your amazing work. read more
- AA, Seattle, WA

Thanks for doing such a good job with my rhinoplasty surgery. read more
- LM, Anchorage, AK

I want you to know that my rhinoplasty and scar revision will change my life. read more
- ST, Anchorage, AK

I've had other cosmetic procedures done, and I can say that my experience with Dr. Lamperti has by far been the best....I HIGHLY recommend him. read more
- AN, Seattle, WA

Wow, Dr Lamperti! The new nose is amazing and I love it.... Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. read more
- CP, Anchorage, AK

You have a gift that must be wonderful to share with other people! read more
- BJ, Anchorage, AK

I wouldn't have wasted time considering other surgeons if I'd read about experiences like mine in review sites. read more
- AA, Bainbridge, WA

I am confident for the first time in my life about my face. Thanks to my nose job surgery, I am no longer weary of people seeing my profile. read more
- SB, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

I am breathing so much better now I can't believe it. read more
- MM, Seattle, WA

There is a finesse and elegance to Dr. Lamperti's approach to surgery that assured me that the cosmetic result of my own surgery would be something I would be very pleased with. read more
- NO, San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Lamperti is one of the nicest and most professional Dr's I've ever seen, I'm serious. read more
- KG, Bellingham, Washington

Recovery and surgery went really well. The outcome is better than I expected. read more
- NN, Fife, WA

I'm ridiculously happy with the results....I would highly recommend Dr. Lamperti to anyone who is looking for a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon in the Pacific Northwest area! read more
- MR, Portland, OR

Thanks for being such a caring doctor! My nose looks a million times better than it did when I first came to you! read more
- JJ, Portland, OR

Again, I just wanted to really express my great appreciation for everything you helped me with. read more
- TA, Washington, D.C.

PHENOMENAL...Dr. Lamperti is very nice, professional and takes his time. He listens, takes photos, simulates before/after, and made me feel 10000% at ease. read more
- MC, Seattle, WA

Thanks again for the amazing job! read more
- MAR, Portland, OR

You have changed my life. read more
- PA

I wanted to thank you again for making my rhinoplasty experience so positive! read more
- BA, Seattle, WA

Dr. Lamperti actually LISTENED to my concerns and helped rebuild my nose. read more
- CA, Seattle, WA