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AA, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Young Male Revision Rhinoplasty To Correct An Unnatural, Pinched Tip With Too Much Rotation

This patient had a revision open septorhinoplasty to correct his feminized, pinched tip that resulted after prior rhinoplasty surgery elsewhere. Dr. Lamperti improved the patient's tip support and made his nose less upturned as well. He also improved the patient's nasal blockage that resulted from an internal scar web that formed from the prior surgery

"I had undergone a primary rhinoplasty 2 years ago with a surgeon who left my nose looking quite unnatural, pinched, and upturned. I finally decided to undergo a revision and I was on the hunt to find the most skilled, top notch revision expert that would be able to address all the insecurities I had with my nose. I'm extremely satisfied that I selected Dr. Lamperti as my plastic surgeon.

Dr. Lamperti is without a doubt one of the top plastic surgeons in the US. I'm 10 days out of surgery and my nose looks AMAZING! I couldn't believe how natural it looks today. My tip is still very swollen and it's expected that tip swelling will last several months but overall I'm 100% satisfied with my new nose. My new nose really fits my face well and makes me look great!

The whole process from start to finish was very nice and easy. Dr. Lamperti listens to every concern you have and he really makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I received calls and emails after my surgery how I'm recovering and if my pain was alright."

You can read the patient's entire review on RealSelf here.

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