Droopy (Ptotic) Nose

The droopy or ptotic nasal tip can be a problem that occurs with aging as the nasal tip support becomes weaker. In other cases the tip may point downward naturally or due to trauma. In any case, rhinoplasty can be used to reposition the tip in a more up-turned or rotated position. If the problem is related to a damaged caudal septum this area can be rebuilt with cartilage grafts. Sutures can also be used to secure the tip in the newly elevated position. Care must be taken when rotating a drooping tip to avoiding a too upturned tip, especially with male patients in whom such a maneuver would tend to feminize the nose.

Drooping collapsed tip repair with rib cartilage grafting to rebuild a issing caudal nasal septum

Collapsed nasal tip repaired with rib cartilage graft to rebuild a missing cuadal septum

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Patient 20 profile tip ptosis (drooping) repair

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