The Long, Over-Projected Tip

One of the features that can make a nose look too big, especially from the profile view, is having an overly long, or over-projected tip. Tip projection refers to how far forward the nose travels from the face. Rhinoplasty can be used to treat a long nose by repositioning or trimming the tip cartilages. At the same time care must be taken in creating a seamless, well-balanced profile to coincide with the new tip position. As a result de-projecting an over-projected tip may also involve shaving down excess cartilage or bone from the bridge.

Before and After Over-Projected Nose Rhinoplasty Photos

The before and after rhinoplasty photos below show a range of over projected tip reduction surgery results:

Over projected long nose rhinoplasty profile

Patient 5 over projected nose rhinoplastu

Patient 6 over-projected nose profile

Patient 7 long and over-projected nose profile

Patient 8 long over-projected nose profile

Patient 17 long pointy nose profile

Patient 23 long nose profile

Patient 25 long nose profile

Revision rhinoplasty patient 2 over-projected nose repair

Long tip combined with cheek fat grafting rhinoplasty

Over-projected and bulbous tip repair

Patient 3 revision rhinoplasty over-projected long nose repair

Patient 30 Over-projected tip and dorsal hump takedown along with mole excision
Patient 32 long tip and droopy nose repair Patient 43 long over-projected nose rhinoplasty before and after.jpgRhinoplasty patient 44 overprojected tip repair rhinoplasty before and after Revision rhinoplasty patient 14 profile before and after