Narrow Nose

The problem of having a too narrow nose is less commonly encountered than that of a too wide nose, but nonetheless is something that can be treated with rhinoplasty techniques. A narrow nose can be due to a narrow-appearing bridge or a narrow tip. Learn more about how to improve a narrow or pinched tip here.

Often a narrow bridge is related to having a dorsal hump that once taken down creates a normally appearing bridge width. In other cases where a narrow bridge is due to the true collapsed position of the nasal bones or upper lateral cartilages (internal nasal valve), spreader grafts can be placed to widen this area.

Before and after narrow nose rhinoplasty example photos

Below are several before and after rhinoplasty photos that show a variet of narrow nose corrections:

Narrow middle nasal vault repaired with hump take down and spreader grafts

Patient 8 narrow nose repair
Patient 17 narrow nose repair frontal view
Patient 24 narrow nose repair frontal view