Fixing An Under Projected Tip

An under-projected nose refers to a nasal tip that doesn't stick out enough from the face. This results in a flattened appearance to the nose. This inadequate projection can result from an injury or prior surgery that destabilizes the tip support or it can just be how the nose developed. Rhinoplasty surgery can be used to reposition the tip in a more projected manner. This normally involves cartilage grafting to provide the necessary support to maintain the improved tip position.

Before and After Increasing Tip Projection Rhinoplasty Example Photos

Below are a few before and after photos that show how rhinoplasty can treat an inder-projected nasal tip:

Under-projected tip repair combined with hump reduction
Patient 19 under-projected tip from septal cartilage fractureUnder-projected, droopy tip repair
Under-projected tip repair with hump reduction
Under-proected droopy tip repair
Under-projected tip and hump reduction rhinoplasty

Under-projected tip repairPatient 47 before and after under-projected tip rhinoplasty