Find out how a columellar strut graft can be used to support the nasal tip during rhinoplasty.

As I've often discussed an important concept when it comes to rhinoplasty is how to ensure the proper underlying structural support of the nose. This support is necessary to achieve excellent long term aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Why we need a columellar strut

It turns out that the process of making the incisions necessary to perform rhinoplasty can destabilize the nose's natural tip support mechanism.

To maintain adequate tip support after surgery rhinoplasty surgeons often place a cartilage graft between the medial crura that make up the columella in order to add support to the area.


The graft is carved using cartilage from the septum, ear or rib. Once carved, the graft is typically sutured in place with dissolvable sutures.


With time the graft scars into place and helps maintain proper tip projection.


Columellar struts are just one way to support the tip during rhinoplasty. Other methods to support the tip include using a caudal septal extension graft or tongue in groove setback onto the septum itself.

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