See a series of before and after photos which show the results from revision rhinoplasty with rib cartilage grafting done to lengthen an upturned tip, straighten tip crookedness and reduce a hanging columella.

This revision rhinoplasty patient was a very complicated case in which she had multiple prior surgery done out of state by another surgeon but that left her with a persistently upturned tip that was tilted to her right. She didn't have enough septal cartilage to do the necessary grafting for revision surgery so tissue bank rib cartilage was used (the patient preferred this to her own rib cartilage).

The patient's prior upper lip lift surgeries also complicated the situation in that additional scar tissue and distortion was seen due to this procedure.


In the above right profile before and after photo images you can see how the surgery was able to bring down the patient's overly upturned tip while at the same tip making the columella less prominent. By tucking up the columella espeically at the base I was further able to create the appearance of an even less up angle to the tip. The resultant reduction in nostril show is also beneficial.

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