Check out the updated nostril reduction treatment section to learn more about Dr. Lamperti's newest method of narrowing wide nostrils.

There are numerous methods of reducing wide nostrils. I have discussed the range of options when it comes to this type of treatment in the "wide nostrils" section of my site. Probably the most commonly used technique among rhinoplasty surgeons is the wedge (Weir) excision method. This procedure can work well and I have been able to obtain excellent results with this technique. For a while now I have also been using a different method of nostril narrowing that often provides a superior result and even more well hidden incisions. I just added a description of this V to Y advancement nostril reduction technique to my site along with a few before and after schematics which outline how the procedure works. Click the link below to read more.

Stay tuned as I plan on adding additional patient photos and a SurgeonCam video of the V-Y advancement technique in the future to further illustrate how this procedure can provide an excellent method for narrowing overly wide, flared nostrils.