Learn about one of Dr. Lamperti's revision rhinoplasty patient's corrective surgery to repair his upturned, pinched tip and low bridge.

When you hear about having rhinoplasty you most often think about surgery to make a large nose smaller. Be it reducing a bridge hump or refine a bulbous tip it is most likely that this type of change is what comes to mind.

A more complicated and less talked about type of rhinoplasty is one in which a nose is actually made "bigger". This can involve either building up the bridge, making a narrow, pinched nose more full or making a short nose longer. These issues can occur naturally in someone who has never had nasal surgery, but when it does occur it is more commonly seen in those who have had a prior rhinoplasty.

Fortunately, there are revision rhinoplasty technqiues available to correct these types of problems. Via various cartilage grafting maneuvers it is possible to bring a too upturned tip downward, build up a low bridge and widen a pinched, narrow tip.

To get a better idea of what types of changes are possible you can click the photo below to see a set of before and after photos and read a case study of one of my revision rhinoplasty patient's treatment.

Revision rhinoplasty patient 15 right profile montage before and after photo