Find out what balloon sinuplasty involves and how it can be used to treat chronic sinusitis in a less invasive manner than standard sinus surgery.

I'm excited to announced that I have just launched a new section on the site that reviews what Balloon Sinuplasty involves and outlines some of the benefits of the procedure.

My goal has always been for my site to be a comprehensive resource for those considering having either functional or cosmetic (or both) nose and sinus surgery. To expand the site's offerings to include sinus surgery, I recent launched my general Sinus Surgery section which you can check out here. 

Balloon Sinuplasty is a more recently developed sinus surgery technique and is another great addition to the sinus surgeon's armamentarium. This procedure allows surgeons to dilate narrowed sinus openings while maintaining the existing internal nasal skin lining (mucosa).

To learn more head over to the new Balloon Sinuplasty Overview page here.