See before and after photos showing how Dr. Lamperti used rib cartilage grafting and advanced open rhinoplasty techniques to treat a patient's Wegerner's related saddle nose deformity.

Wegener's granulomatosis can cause significant nasal cartilage destruction leaving the nose quite under-supported and prone to collapse. This patient of mine came to me with significant collapse and saddle nose deformity.

Wegener's saddle nose rhinoplasty patient 63 before left profile

Given her disease we can't use her septum cartilage for repair so different cartilage sources are needed. We need strong cartilage to provide the needed support so rib cartilage is a great source.

You can check out the most recent addition to my rhinoplasty before and after gallery where you can learn more about how I was able to rebuild this patient's nose and correct her saddle nose and nasal collapse here.


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